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What people are saying about our test prep!

"Cari was amazing. Her explanations were very clear. I also enjoyed her complex concepts videos on LinkedIn where she took some of the tricky concepts and broke them down with great examples. Fabulous! Anthony clearly has a great breadth of knowledge and his practical examples of concepts helped make the material easier to understand. The Saturday classes with both Anthony and Cari were excellent. The HRCP reading on its own was good but the recorded video sessions and live webinars tied everything together." --Angela Hanney
"I really enjoyed Cari and the pace she used in presenting. Very easy to understand how she explained concepts to include the additional support like the YouTube videos. I enjoyed Anthony as well. He was awesome and patient. Clearly very knowledgeable. He and Cari make a very good team. I felt extremely supported by the HR Education team throughout the course. If you put in the work, this will definitely prepare you!" -Cherie Fountaine
"The examples provided by Cari and Anthony were helpful to understand the concepts. They were both enthusiastic and excited about the information. Being able to ask questions and pull all of the information together at the end of the week was very valuable. Most important, the LIVE sessions made me accountable to complete the reading and assignments before the session. The detailed syllabus was great for keeping me organized. The HRCP materials were well coordinated and cohesive!" --Dana Hunter
"I honestly can say that the way Cari breaks down the information about different subject matters really helped me to better understand. Anthony was very knowledgeable and straight to the point with the information. Jessica from HR Education Network was very helpful in so many ways."--Sherron Barnes
"I thought the course material, format and instructors were excellent! They brought a wealth of knowledge and explained each unit thoroughly. Most importantly I am grateful to  HRCP and HR Education Network for the opportunity to be a part of the course. Thank you all!!!" --Latasia Sanford
"The instructors were great, and the entire course was the most organized that I have ever used to study."  -Daree McDonald
"It's obvious Cari's been in the field of HR for a while, she can very quickly site examples of what's being taught. Anthony is also very knowledgeable. They tossed the subject matter back and forth during our webinars and online videos which keeps you listening! The detailed syllabus serves as a road map to what to do next. I would definitely recommend starting with HR Education Network/HR Defined. The instructors are terrific and the backside support is outstanding." -Valinda Gerne
"Cari provided real life business examples that helped me understand the concepts. Cari's enthusiasm and positive outlook was motivating. Anthony provided real life business examples that helped me understand the concept and did not rush the information. Anthony's positive outlook and patience while presenting the material was very helpful because there is a lot of content to digest. The HRCP content is easier to read and grasp. I have tried other programs and the content was stiff and boring. Also, I find it helpful that I can listen to the content and follow along in the book. I appreciate the support from the entire team. Thank you and I will try to do you proud:)" -Terry Webb
"Recently, my former employer went through an acquisition and my position was eliminated. Although this was devastating news, I knew this was my time to grow and improve my professional career in HR. I cannot thank the HR Education Network's team enough for the great combination of interactive webinars, HRCP readings, quizzes, and genuine support throughout this process. Perhaps the most significant component of the 5-week accelerated test prep course was having cheerleaders 24/7 when I was at an all time low. Money cannot buy the support I felt/needed. I would highly recommend enrolling in a prep course through HREN to further any HR professional's career--you can do it!" -Brittany Dodson