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DEI: From the Inside Out Micro-Credential Program

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Darrell (Coach D) Andrews
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This new online program brings DEI training to the desktop of all your employees. This is an accessible and affordable way to change the way your employees view and embrace DEI.

Many of you have participated in different versions of DEI programs over the last several years. DEI has been a big buzzword in the workplace over the past four years. Many companies and organizations, large and small, have established DEI initiatives. Based on the research, however, many still need help with successful implementation. From our company's perspective, the primary reason is the approach! Many DEI initiatives are about race and other factors and negate the one aspect with the most remarkable ability to move the needle, the humanistic element of DEI. This approach is about valuing, welcoming, and appreciating the people around us as human beings, regardless of their differences in culture, race, gender, etc. The system of diving into bias training, microaggressions, etc.—has not worked very well. We are not negating their importance, but when we view things from the humanistic side, we begin to see the beauty and benefit of DEI as a growth and benefits tool for your company or organization.

That is what the DEI From the Inside-Out Model is all about.

The online program is divided into six sessions, and participants are required to complete each session along with an associated exam to earn a Micro-Credential verified by Credly and an associated digital badge to display in a variety of professional contexts. This is the perfect way to deepen your understanding of DEI, earn recertification credit, AND build your professional credibility.




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Darrell “Coach D” Andrews, “America’s Passion Coach,” is Darrell Andrews LLC and Associates president and chief passion officer, a Professional Development, Consulting, and Motivational Speaking Firm. He also heads Empowering Self-Care, a Wellness Motivation Training Firm. His organizational philosophy has been the same for nearly 22 years, “It is not what you can do that counts as a leader; it is what others can do as a result of your leadership that counts.” He and his team of consultants, coaches, and trainers provide innovative and customized training, coaching, and speaking solutions for DEI, self-care, post-pandemic leadership, and teamwork. He and his team have been contracted to provide professional development and consulting to Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, First Data, and Verizon, as well as many workforce development and government agencies, education institutions, and organizations throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. He has been a keynote speaker at over 350 national and state conferences in the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean! Coach D is a regular media guest and has appeared on many television talk shows, radio shows, podcasts, and in many newspapers. He is a significant thought leader because of his company’s engaging style of motivation, training, and change initiatives. Most importantly, he has been married for 29 years and is the proud father of 4 exceptional children.  Coach D is the author of several books, including the soon-to-be released "Empowering Self-Care In The Workplace" and "Post-Pandemic Leadership.

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Jessica V - McKinney, Texas

"Excellent Program!! This is a really different and refreshing look at DEI and takes it from the theoretical to the tangible!"

Sara C

"Excellent Program. This is very different than other DEI programs I've experienced. It is extremely positive and explains both the idea behind/importance of DEI as well as how to make DEI a part of my organizations culture. I like that it addressed DEI from several angles. Excited to earn the badge, but more excited to share with my team."